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The Academy is coached by
Guillermo Gulli, a 30 year
veteran of the sport;  17 of
those 30 years were spent in
the first division of the
Argentinean Rugby Union.

He coached juvenile and first
division teams in Argentina
and since coming to Canada
with his family, has helped
juvenile players here to make
Quebec and Canada teams

As a Beaconsfield Rugby Club’
s Head Coach, he led his
team to win the Quebec First
Division Cup in 2006 and 2007

In 2007 he was designated
the QUEBEC under 18
Provincial Team Head Coach.

His exceptional philosophy,
knowledge and understanding
of the game, provides a
unique opportunity for
development of the specific
skills needed in the forwards
and in the backs.
By using the newest drills,
videos and exercise
machines, boys and girls will
learn and develop the key
skills needed to become world-
class rugby players.

This program is available for
those who want to stand out
from the crowd and are well
disposed to face the
challenge. Be part of the
elite,  be one of
THE 300 !

Guillermo Gulli
Head Coach
THE 300 Rugby Academy
+ 1-514-695-1295

Read more about
Guillermo Gulli at
Canadian Rugby .ca
"So much the better, we shall fight in the shade."  Dienekes, 488 B.C.
THE 300 - Rugby Academy
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Video Game Analysis
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International Program.
Train and play in an Argentinean Rugby Club!
Oliver Winser, after 4 years of
passion and dedication at the
Academy, is playing with Canada’s
best .
Once again, one of our
300, is
bringing our mystic and philosophy to
the rugby’s tops levels.
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1 week full immersion program